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Tampon Timer is a simple alarm app to help women stay fresh and prevent prolonged use.
To set up a reminder simple enter the app, tap on the product you'd like a reminder for and select a time.
When it's time to be reminded, you'll receive a push notification alerting you it's time to change. You are then given the option to dismiss the reminder, or snooze it for 30 minutes. You can adjust the snooze time in the settings page of the app.
This application also includes a daily pill reminder which allows you to select which time you'd like to be reminded daily.
Extra Features:
Period Calendar
- Forecast your period
- Add events on the period calendar
- Add notes on the period calendar
- Get notified the day before / morning of your period
Product Reviews
- Review your period products (completely anonymously)
- Share your reviews with other women
- View highly review products
Tampon/Pad/Cup use:
Information regarding the use of period products may vary between brands and product types. The information provided in Tampon Timer was sourced online and is referenced accordingly. This information may not be correct for your period products. For this reason you must always read the manufacturers instructions before using tampons, pads, menstrual cups or contraceptive pills.
Period Calendar:
The period/fertility/ovulation forecasts may not be accurate and should not be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Tampon Timer allows you to adjust these forecasts to best match your needs, however, as your period cycle depends on a large number of different factors the forecast may never be 100% accurate.
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This application was developed by Jessa.



Version: 0.1.6

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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