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This simple app show 3 kind of ads
banner, interstitial and rewarded video ads
performed in java language
all code in first page so it wont violate the google policy about showing ads
its like:
activity - ads- next activity (interstitial and rewarded video ads)
well simply putting ads on create on destination activity is violate google policy
so on this example the banner, interstitial and rewarded video ads is on the first page.
especially on the rewarded video ads, it perform after finish watching automatically enter the page 3, but if you close it before finish it will be back on first page.
i hope this very simple example could give you a view on hot to do it.
and please check the google policy for implementing ads
it will be bad if you put ads but it violate the policy and don't get anything, although people already watch or react with the ads.
i hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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