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Turkish Home Textile Sector roots coming from a tradition based on thousands of years, lived in Anatolia were created based on the cultural heritage of many civilizations, it is a powerful industry. Since the 1970s, rapidly improving technology and mechanization has been a undeniable force in the international arena. Since 1980, exports by the explosion, has established itself in the world market.
Our industry, starting in 1991, the non-governmental organization in the world that keep pace with restructuring seen in this area, will be represented in several international organizations have their voices heard.
We arrived at this point Turkey Home Textile Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association name with improving the organization has grown to more than a thousand members, respectively structuring our industry as the only sound continues its organized structure.
Our association "The one constant is itself the change" is the only requirement to stay afloat for organizations Based on the motto with the awareness that change and evolve to develop progressive renewing itself every day and according to the real world, it will strengthen the process.
Future integration into international institutions and continued in the wider dimension, both in and out many activities to do, the sound of Turkish home textiles will be announced in the strongest tone.
These days home textile brand in international waters to increase the number of our organizations stepped sailing every day, many more to take part in the world to showcase the brand, spread to all continents, more them utilized our products at home among our basic targets.
Turkish home textile sector, the synergy that has been created to be the only association and "one association, one heart" will grow much more with the understanding that, in the usual quality and safe stance to the world of home textiles manufacturers country's image, enriching them with new brand will continue to be indispensable.



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