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Traverse is an app with an aesthetically pleasing design that allows you to save your location when you need it most. Whether you need to save where you parked your car, or where you found a new skate spot, or even where you are on a crowded beach, Traverse can help you do so. You can even share these locations to anyone you want effortlessly.
-Material Design
-Retrieve your location with a push of one button
-Refine your location by dragging and dropping the pin on the map shown
-Name your location and give it a description.
-Add a picture of your location
-Save your location for later
-Navigate to your location easily
-Share your location to anyone you want
-Quick Pins allow you to skip the pin editing and quickly pin your location
-Long press the button to view a menu with four preset names for pinning
Coming Soon:
For those with an Android Wear device, you can quickly save your location and name it either from a preset you created or using your voice.
Android Wear Features:
-Set preset names for your locations on the phone
-Save your location quickly on your watch
-Speak the name of the location



Version: 1.0.12

Requires: Android8.0 or later


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