TrekPack - Packing Checklist for Trekking/Hiking

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Checklist for your backpacking gear on treks and hikes. Create and manage a list of items you bring on your backpacking trip and flag packed items to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Additionally, the app allows you to calculate your pack weight for optimizing it.
CHECKLIST GENERATOR: Automatically create a list of essential gear for your next adventure, based on climate of destination and other properties of your trip
ITEM CATEGORIES: Hiking/Sleeping, Clothing, Cooking, Food/Water/Fuel, Hygiene, Health/Emergency, Documents, Tools, Extras, Preparation
OPTIONAL ITEMS: Choose from a number of optional items which can be added easily to your checklist
WEIGHT CALCULATOR: Keep track of the weight of your backpack, subdivided into: base weight (loaded backpack without consumables), pack weight (loaded backpack) and total weight (loaded backpack plus items carried outside of backpack)
SHARE CHECKLISTS: Share checklists with friends, either as view-only image or data link, so your friend can continue the checklist her/himself
MULTIPLE CHECKLISTS: Create an individual list for each destination, or create multiple lists for the same destination to compare different gear setups



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android7.0 or later


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