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Instantly resolve "troubled" at traveling destination! It is support application of Japanese two largest cities sightseeing trip! Moreover, its solution method is really intuitive!
Have you ever been troubled with such a situation on your journey? "I want to go to the toilet but I do not know the location ..." "Suddenly cash is needed! Where is ATM !?" In such a case, just start Tripsocket and hold the smartphone over the city!
In the streets of Osaka and Tokyo reflected on the screen,The position of SPOT you want to go emerges!Since you can understand direction and distance in a moment,All that is left is to move there!
Sightseeing in Osaka and Tokyo, intuitive and speedy support! SPOT recorded by Tripsocket,Restaurants, ATMs, drink spots (such as cafes), free Wi-Fi,recording a lot of "SPOT wanting to know the position at the destination"!
What's more, the restaurant SPOT also comes with a coupon feature!
[About recorded SPOT]
The recorded SPOT is the one that the Tripsocket team carefully selected!
It covers a wide range from a standard hood to a slightly different favorite shop,it centers around the store of "credit cards OK" for tourists.
It is easy to understand, it contains a toilet in a place that you can use easily.
● Free Wi-Fi
This category Includes places where you can use free Wi-Fi.
A number of bank ATMs indispensable for visitors to Japan are included.
The station, the bus stop, and the taxi stand are recorded.
It covers famous tourist spots in Tokyo and Osaka.
In this way, a lot of SPOT that Tripsocket team carefully selected spots are recorded.
When it is difficult to obtain location information
1.Restart the application and reacquire location information.
2. Please turn on Wi-Fi (because we also got location information from Wi-Fi)
3. Reset the position information data from the setting once.
4. Please reacquire the position information with the compass application.
5. Please turn the iphone into the figure eight to orient the electronic compass (geomagnetic sensor) in the correct direction.



Version: 2.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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