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This is an app for U-mobile MAX 25GB which’ll make your calling rate to half price.
[Feature of U-CALL MAX]
•To use U-CALL MAX feature, use android’s standard phone app.
•All the calls to home phones, cell phones, or anywhere in Japan, the calling rate will be ¥10/ 30 sec. which is a half price from the original calling rate, ¥20/ 30sec.
•No initial fee or monthly fee.
•Clear hearings. High quality than IP phones.
•you can use the number you are already using.
•Recipients doesn’t have to be “U-CALL MAX” customer.
•There is an monthly payment options.
[3min. flat rate calling option]
•With ¥500 per month, all the phone calls up to 3 min., 50 times per day will be free.
•If you go beyond 3 min. or 50 times, calling rate will be ¥10/30sec.
•To use this option, you’ll need to login to “My U-mobile” and set changes to your service.
[Conditions of use]
•Need to have contract with either “U-mobile MAX 25GB call plus” or “U-mobile MAX 25GB Entame plus”.
•To use “3min. flat rate calling option” customers need to login to U-mobile and set changes to your service.
[How to use]
Please check our U-CALL MAX webpage.
You can make calls to an emergency number like 110, 119, etc and toll free number that starts from 0120, etc, but U-CALL MAX features will not be applied.



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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