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This tool is a simple tool for Developpers.You can call Settings UI which can toggle Enabling USB Debug etc,same as Settings gt; Applications gt; Development.You can check your own appearance to select your environment,item numbers shown may be different from screenshots I place this tool at my home screen. I made this tool for practice purpose and my own use.This tool is not usb driver.Please install usb driver if you can39;t connect device and pc.Usually you can download it from device vendor39;s site.psI got inquiry,so add notes.At first, I try to make this tool as widget which can toggle USB Debug settings directly if you touch it.But I don39;t adapt it because it39;s not recommended way from Android 1.5. So I choose normal Activity which just finishes after calling Settings UI.referencefor developpershttp:androiddevelopers.blogspot.com200904futureproofingyourapps.html



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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