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simulation of deformable objects applied to your 3D models! The simulation is based on mass-spring technique and allows to deform a simple tridimensional mesh. You can modify the elasticity and the return to the original volume during the simulation. For the visualization you can rotate and zoom the model as you want. Moreover you can choose a different image for the texture mapping or change the draw settings (for example in wireframe mode).The application as some 3D models, but you can load other models (in OBJ file writing the path where you saved them. It is reccomended to use models of simple geometry to gain the performance.Characteristics:- Load OBJ models- Apply mass-spring phisics to your models (deformation effect)- Change the rendering of the model (for example wireframe)- Change the texture mapping- remove texture mapping- Zoom and rotate your model- Change elasticity and volume constraints for the deformation



Version: 1

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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