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Visual Guitar Scales provides a giant library of scales that the user can choose from and view on a fully customizable and playable fretboard.
Search for scales by scale name, root note, and/or scale notes. Or play a riff on the fretboard and VGS will automatically find the best-fitting scale!
The fully customizable fretboard can be 1 to 12 strings and tuned to any tuning imaginable. Create the instrument of your choice!
The scale search interface offers many cues as to the notes that are being searched on and just how much of a match each scale is.
Visual Guitar Scales makes for a great writers reference. Wrote a riff but can't figure out where to go from there? Riff Filter allows you to play a riff on the fretboard and VGS will tell you which scale you played in so you can keep on writing!
Free Version:
Standard Tunings
Major/Melodic/Pentatonic/Blues/Bebop/Harmoic/Chromatic/Symmetric Scales
6/7/8 String Guitar
4/5 String Bass
4/5 String Banjo
Lefty Mode
Premium Version:
Alternate Preset Tunings
Full Fretboard Customization
Exotic/Miscellaneous Scales
Feedback is greatly appreciated and any suggested features will certainly be considered.
VGS is in its first stage of release. There are many updates planned for the future such as:
Riff recorder.
Practice mode.
Save custom tunings for later.
Create your own scales and save them away for later.
More guitar playback tones.
Also coming soon: Visual Piano Scale!



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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