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India Voter ID card provides identity to the citizens of India. This Voter identification is provided and regulated by the Indian Election Commission. This provides a citizen to show their preferences to candidates standing for elections at different levels of voter identification.
This is something that voter identification must be for all citizens of India. This requires a series of documents and verification work done before handing them over.
You can now apply for an online voter ID. The online application for Voter Id reduces both the efforts of the authorities as well as the authorities and paper works for the individual. Use this app to apply online for voter ID. This app will also allow you to change the current Voter ID information such as the name, address etc. You can also receive information about the attendance booth etc., EVM etc.
1. Search name in voter list.
2. Voter ID card online application.
3. Online Application Status.
4. Edit online Voter ID detail.
5. Apply for Overseas Voter Registration.
6. Correction of entries in voter logs.
7. Know the AC and PC at the booth.
8. Know BlO.ERO and Deo.
State / UT CEO 9. Connection.
10. Voter Education Channel.
11. Polling process.
12. Electronic Voting Machines.
13. Complaint suggestions.
14. Voter list.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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