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Feeling bored and want some company? Want to make new friends but don't know where to start? Match, chat, and have a great time on our global trending one on one social app - Wink! Start chatting with our text, audio, and even video options anytime and anywhere! Wish to know more? Check us out:
[ Irresistible Charm ]
Charming ladies and gentlemen await your match! Want to find your special someone or just casual chit chat with new friends? We got you covered!
[ Accurate Matches ]
Fast, accurate, and efficient matching with global users. Why waste time searching when you can have it all, right in your hands!
[ Authentic Socializing ]
Afraid of fake users? Fear no more! Authentic verification and 1 on 1 video chats.
[ Live Translations ]
AI mixed translation removes any language barriers with live translations so you can chat without any worries!
[ Membership Services ]
More amazing functions awaits you, unlock and experience today!



Version: 1.10.2

Requires: Android 4 or later


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