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ZIPme is in beta. This means there will be bugs and some hiccups. Thanks for testing.ZIPme is a powerful tool to create update ZIP packages to install in recovery. Whether you are a ROM developer or just getting into "root" and "roms quot; ZIPme can simplify your life.Who should use ZIPme?If you install custom ROMs on your rooted android device then ZIPme can be a powerful tool. ZIPme requires root access.What does ZIPme do?ZIPme creates ZIP packages to install in recovery mode. When you install a new ROM your system is wiped and many times you clear your data ZIPme can create a package of your apps, data and files you want to install right after a ROM or as a ROM addon. ZIPme programs and signs the update ZIP package so your recovery can install it.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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