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PLEASE READ CAREFULLYIf you work often with different wifi networks, and these networks require static IP, you need each time manually configure network settings. This can be very hard and boring.This utility application allows you to store different network WiFi settings devices IPaddress, gateway IPaddress etc., and switch from one settings to another with only two clicks. In other words, application allows to create and manage WiFi profiles. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KINDFeatures: list of profiles with predefined IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS, allow you to switch network configurations with few clicks widget with different styles to show info about current WiFi status and provide fast access to list of profiles automatic profiles switch according to name of access pointbackup profiles to storage device SD cardKnown issues: Please avoid to press 39;back39; button or some how to close widget configuration activity. There is issue with android OS not only in my application, but in all application with configurable widgets, and because of this issue, if you cancel widget configuration widget will not be added to screen but still be present in device memory And the only way to remove these 39;zombie widgets39; is to reinstall application from what this widgets come.I know, this suck, but there nothing i can do without enormous efforts. Just don39;t cancel, add widget and then remove manually from screen.See details compandroidissuesdetail?id2539Be aware but don39;t worry :Application process will startin background every time when you turn on, or off WiFi, or when access point is changed, because app need to react on these events. But application will be active only few seconds to update widget or check name of new access point. So don39;t worry about performance or power usage.If you have some problems with app DON39;T PANIC Try to describe carefully, what your problem, and what you was trying to do. If i will understand problem, i will try to fix it.Don39;t forget to rate app



Version: 0.3

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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