عذاب القبر (بدون أنترنت)

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Torment of the grave in Alqrٱn:
God said, and the bulk of God Voukah the evils which they plotted, Pharaoh suffering poor fire offering them incapacitated, morning and evening and on the time admitted to Pharaoh the most torment (Ghafir, verse 45-46). The verse in the explicit proof of the torment of the grave before the hour.
God said, and the bulk of it is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah, or he revealed to me and did not Jn him something and said Sonzl like what Allah revealed if you see as the wrong-doers in the throes of death and the angels Basitoa their hands dragged yourselves today requited torment Huns what you say God is right and you all verses arrogant (Sura cattle, verse 93). The verse indicates that the torment of the grave "on the books of God for them misery in the Hereafter" begins when the spirit out of the human and the parting of the world.
On the other verses that the first of the commentators as a function of the torment of the grave as saying the Almighty:
And Naziguenhm of the minimum without suffering the greatest torment that they may return (Sajda, verse 21).
And those around you of the Bedouins are hypocrites and the people of the city Mrdoa hypocrisy we do not teach them to teach them Snazbhm twice and then respond to the great torment (Surah Repentance, verse 101).
But for those who do wrong punishment without it but most of them do not know (Al-Tur, verse 47).
Muslims believe that the torment of the grave is the punishment that God is placing on the unbelievers and sinners in their graves after their death to the Day of Resurrection, which is called the pains of the isthmus between this life and the afterlife. A constant torment of the grave in the Holy Alqrٱn and in the right conversations



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