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Application Gold prices Gold Prices can check out the details of various gold prices Aaarath in Arab countries
Through the application of gold prices can be found on the gold price updates in the Arab countries in local currency (riyal, dinar, dirham, pound ...) in addition to the price in the currency of the US dollar.
The application displays the prices for the following Bayarat:
The price of 24 carat gold grams
The price of 22 carat gold grams
The price of 21 carat gold grams
The price of 18 carat gold grams
The price of 14 carat gold grams
The price of 10 carat gold grams
Price of an ounce of gold
Gold Prices pounds
Price of a kilo of gold
Gold prices in Saudi Arabia
Gold prices in the United Arab Emirates
Gold prices in Egypt
Gold prices in Algeria
Gold prices in Kuwait
Gold prices in Qatar
Gold prices in Yemen
Gold prices in Jordan
Gold prices in Iraq
Gold prices in Lebanon
Gold prices in Oman
Gold prices in Bahrain
Gold prices in Morocco
Gold prices in Palestine



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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