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The Evangelizing Association is need based in Curitiba / PR, it is a Catholic group headed by Father Reginaldo Manzotti. Maintainer of the Communication Evangelizing Network which includes Radio Evangelizing AM 1060 and Journal of the evangelizer. In addition, controls Radio FM 90.9 Evangelizing da Lapa, and produces content for Evangelizing TV, currently has 02 generators and 30 RTV's in Brazil in transmission 24.
Currently more than 1,600 radio-relay sisters of the programming of Radio Evangelizing and 118 TVs sisters display of the content of TV Evangelizing, in particular the programs presented by Father Reginaldo Manzotti.
Present in the satellite digital signal to all of South America, Mexico and Florida (USA) by the satellite Star One C2 -70 ° in freq: 03664 and S / R: 02,980.
In these ways the Evangelizing Communication Network, can evangelize more than 74 million people. Evangelized in the Word, in prayer and in service!
Visit our website: www.padrereginaldomanzotti.org.br
Please contact our team by phone: (41) 3221-6060

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