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Psychology of Love
የፍቅር ሳይኮሎጂ
This Application is Psychology of Love focuses on How to Heal a Broken Heart by psychological Treatment.
Ethiopian Relationship App Tips for Break Up.
IT shows the way how to treat and heal a broken heart after breakup.
In this mobile Application psychiatrists have a solution to heal a Broken Heart.
It contains: - Tips to forget your ex after Breakup In easy way.
How to treat yourself after someone Break your heart and Leave you?
How to start new life after hurtful breakup with in a short time?
These psychologies of Love have many useful tips about Getting Over a breakup, follow the steps and start your new life.
In This Mobile Application you will get hints How to heal a broken heart after breakup?
Human being loves Each other but sometimes there is some reason for Breakup. After Breakup Treat your broken heart with this psychology of love.
It works Offline (without Internet) anyone can use these Apps.
Breakup psychology in Amharic language For All Ethiopians. For Ethiopian Lovers , Ethiopian Love. For Ethiopian Youth and Ethiopian University students.
It works Offline (without Internet) anyone can use these Apps.
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Version: 1.5

Requires: Android 4 or later


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