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• 'other high-quality star photo photo news' top star news ( is a monthly publication of the top stars of the Hallyu Star news live on-site and also covering the news.
• In particular, the pursuit of high-quality monthly news magazine star photo of top star news live news reports, on-site anywhere in the rare high-resolution photo news.
• Monthly top stars of movie and TV news and seeing a star in the field of music and expression to capture the vibrant look naemyeo, stars of the interview with a message to fans reported.
• News magazine is the world's top stars from around the app is also available, and so much more.
For more information about the magazine app can be found on the following page.
※ This application is only part of the tour for a preview of the magazine. The application fee can see all the content.
Girls' Generation (Taeyeon)
Mnet 'M Countdown' phenomenon
☆ K-TV News ☆
One Hundred Years of production report conference of heritage, covering
☆ K-Musical News ☆
Musical 'The Promise' press call and labs covering the open field
☆ K-Movie News ☆
Room Number '7, the gift of movies' premiere site covering media
The gift of movie '7, Room Number 'VIP premiere site covering
, The movie 'Berlin' production site covering the press conference
, Movie gangster Applause 'media covering the premiere site
, The movie "Tower" The premiere site covering donation
· Movie 'cheongchuleoram' showcase covering
, The movie "My Little Hero 'VIP premiere site covering
☆ K-Pop News ☆
· Mnet 'M Countdown' on-site coverage
☆ K-Issues ☆
, "And now tries when the buck 'launch site covering fashion shows
· 2012 MBC Drama Awards, covering the field
· 2012 SBS Drama Awards, covering the field
Uhm Tae Woong, wedding scene, covering yunhyejin
Jay Park × gugimseu, "Jay Park donation sign Sharing Event" field covering
· Won Bin Biotherm Homme 'Aqua Power XL Size Limited Edition "release commemorative event on-site coverage
☆ Interview ☆
· Interviews seoyounghui
Interview, Electro Boys
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