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Among the most common types of pasta are the following:
dry pasta or Pasta secca, which is made from durum wheat;
long pasta or Lunga;
short pasta go Corta;
raw pasta or Pasta fresca remarkably similar to the Russian home egg noodles;
Special hollow pasta that are stuffed with meat, vegetables, fish or cheese fillings.
On the type of pasta it depends not only tastes and consumer characteristics and the level of caloric paste. The average calorific value of 350 Kcal paste which contains 100 grams of pasta. However, it is worth noting that the Italian pasta is always served to the table with different sauces and other ingredients. Calorie pasta cooked in how food will be dramatically different from the average. In addition to the main types of pasta there are many varieties of Italian pasta.
Properties of our collection:
- Name (common and national identity) serves;
- Approximate time of cooking dishes with pictures;
- List required for the preparation of food ingredients, their number and proportion;
- Equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of meals;
- Number of persons for whom the dish;
- Calories (and sometimes the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates);
- Step by step instructions for the preparation of meals;
- Serving method (decoration dish and feed it on the table).
Recipes - guidance for the preparation of culinary products. It contains information about the necessary foodstuffs, their proportions and instructions for mixing and processing. Recipes describe the mechanical and thermal processing of ingredients, methods of serving the finished product.
Among the most popular and widely used paste the following varieties can be distinguished in the Italian cuisine - spaghetti, fettuccine, pasta, lasagna, Cappellini and linguini. Also isolated fusilli pasta, kavatappi, rotini, Dita, Packer, radiators, and penne pasta, ie, the product in the form of horns.
Energy value of Italian pasta (ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates - bzhu):
Proteins: '12 (~ 48 kcal)
Fat: 1.2 g (~ 11 kcal)
Carbohydrates: '71 (~ 284 kcal)
The energy ratio (B | x | y): 14% | 3% | 81%
Italian cuisine is a much praised by nutritionists around the world of the Mediterranean diet, which is not limited in the amount of food, and relies on its quality.



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