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The application is designed to test knowledge by adding the table to 10 (the math test for kindergarten on the composition of the numbers up to 10).
- A simple program, no extra windows, and work has started;
- Random selection of questions (ten questions selected from a database);
- The time limit on the response for each question;
- Four difficulty levels, more challenging level gives less time for reflection;
- Levels are selected in such a manner that the successful completion of the test on the complex includes the automatism in the lead up to 10;
- If the child answered all the questions correctly gets 10 points;
- Points deducted for a wrong answer or the expiration of time to answer;
- If you dwell on the question, and wait, will burn all the dialed for the current test scores;
- At the end of the test shows information about the level of complexity and accumulated points;
- Used in the test task type 3 + 6 = X;
- Overall progress is always reflected in the top of the screen.
For what it is - for the parents. It helps when a child does not want to learn. This objective soulless machine, until the child does not pass the test and does not show the final screen with the pre-agreed results, it does not get ... [find the right for the situation] ...
The application creates steady skills of the oral score to 10, allows parents to control training activity. The child gains points in case of the correct answers, but be careful if the wrong answer that is given points decrease!
Addition of numbers to 10 allows to test the child with different levels of complexity which differ in time necessary for search of the correct answer. If time expires, then the point is subtracted, one it is all the same necessary to answer a question. Thus the learning effect is reached, the child shall give to at least 80% of the correct answers at each level of complexity to reach automatism in the score.
After at the most difficult level the child answers permanently correctly, the effect of automatic concept of composition of number will be reached.
Addition of numbers to 10 has the simple interface, right after start is ready to operation. Any difficult menus or a choice - launch and use!
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Version: 1.8

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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