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The basis for a country's law and order situation in the country remains a country that would not have been without ainaaina. Added to maintain internal peace in the country, different laws.
Today on my app with a huge size of the country and its laws have explained. I have tried to give an idea of ​​all the necessary legal measures. I have the app on the receiving grades of Act, regulations, and legal advice, laws and different sections, Penal Code (Penal Code of BD), Muslim inheritance law, Birth and Death Registration Act 004, the Acid Control Act, 00 women and Children repression prevention Act, May Day and labor law, dowry Prohibition Act THE dOWRY PROHIBITION ACT, 1980
Narcotics Control Act, 1990, to guide the law examination, Police Act, 1861, heir distribution Law, Child Law, 013, Information and Technology Act, ICT act. Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, 1974, relating to the traffic law, information technology law, 006, land size, Information and Law, Inheritance Law, 1925, the Anti-Terrorism Act, 009, Land Law and rejistrasana fees,
Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 004, 01 Pornography Control Act, Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980, the size of the earth, information and law, land law, land changing the size of the system, Dowry Prohibition Act THE DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT, 1980, the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh - BD Songbidhan
Islamic inheritance law, and the law, Islamic law, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898, Arms Act, 1878, the Criminal Procedure Code - CrPC of BD, the Criminal Procedure Code - CrPC of BD, public Gambling Act, 1867, the Constitution, Constitution of Bangladesh, information and Technology Act, ICT act. House Rent Control Act, 1991,
Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980, emergency laws - Bangla Law, policy GD General diary ~ Legal Advice.
 Learn about the history of the country, about the laws and rules to help everyone. Thanks
In this app we have tried to give a details on Laws of Bangladesh and all about it. The topic we have covered here is Judge Exam Question Papers, BD Police Helpline, 48 Laws of Power, labor law, Learn Business Law, Evidence law, Laws of Bangladesh, Law Notes 16mrks, BD Income Tax Ordinance, 1984 (Income Tax Act ITP NBR ), Bangladesh legislation, the rules BD laws, laws of Bangladesh 2015, evidence Act (evidence Act), Criminal law Study, law Course, Vokta Odhikar & Ovijog, law Book in Bangla, International law, legal and law Terms, RAB INFO, Criminal Procedure 1898,
Evidence Act (Evidence Act). This app will be very much informative that can be also in many exams like law exams, bcs bank exam preparation etc. Hope everyone will love this app very much.



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