Atlas Músculo-esquelético

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Tool to locate and consult the muscles of the human body and its joints can access them by selecting anatomical regions of the human body.
Selecting anatomical regions (Forearm, Armpit, Arm, ..) and filters: the concepts are arranged alphabetically. It is accessed by touch sliding your finger on the screen.
Once the anatomical region lected, you can filter the muscles in that area by:
- origin
- insertion
- action
- innervation
- vascularization
Sheets detail of each muscle:
- Muscle image
- Magnifying glass icon to enlarge the image. If pressed, the image of the muscle where his name and the button will be "Back" to return to the page expands
- Data identifying the selected muscle
- Descriptive box to scroll where the data of the selected muscle are: origins, insertion, observations, ....



Version: 26

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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