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Bangla koutuk which is Bengali trick and bangla Jokes app is brought to you by Green app studio. This Mojar Koutuk application will gives you lots of pleasure which means entertainment. Human life is incomplete without hasir jokes and hasir golpo. If you are sad the read the joke we can give guaranty of your satisfaction. In this application there is a box and which is full by hasir koutuk and hasir golpo. This is one of the best hasirr app in Bangladesh. We do not belive in jokes for adults bangla because this is not a clean entertainment its one kind of sin. We belive that this kind of worst app can not bring happiness and as a muslim you should avoid this. You can use the content of jokes bangla app as a facbook status and hasir sms / bangla sms with your friends and brothers. They will enjoy a lot. Jokes is kind of comedy so this bangla kooutuk is full of comedy. Read your app when you are sad, bored and share the mojar koutuk with your friends. And the most important this do not forget to review this app it inspire us to build more app for you. Enjoy the Bengali trick and Bengali jokes.
We have to come up with Bengali Bengali jokes and jokes. Here you will find pure relaxation and breath exploded all the jokes and laughter. There are several kinds of sport.
Kautuka one of these interesting moment in your mind will. Children who do not play these kautuka that only adults can enjoy. And our jokes Bengali market
These are extreme, extreme funny jokes funny app where you crazy smile will make you smile. Even abdominal pain could be the start: P. Bengali jaksa read your mind will be good. We gather from these Bengali jaksa got up in front of you. Bhabisyatamara Bengali hope to work with puzzle. It will work to increase understanding. We believe that there is no 18+ will not ever pure joy. It bears manusikata messy. So we joksa 18 and 18 of these special ahabbana you to stay away from the story. Basara story inn Bengali Play Store app is full of these stories, we want you Basara these dirty stories
Bengali slippers and come away from the story and clarify these and other educational apps for entertainment use. Our elders and to refrain from jokes jokes jokes hot Bengali app once downloaded you'll see that we Sure. This app have a look at what we're going to have a glimpse feature
Husband and wife
Jhamai wife
The doctor - patient
Boyfriend - girlfriend
Police thief
Mirakkelera / Mirakkel jokes of Mirakkel akkel challenger
Naseeruddin hojja / nasiruddin hojjar Golpo
Gopal Bhar / gopal varer golpo
Take a lesson from the story, including Bengali words. It is our social sharing options with your friends Bengali SMS / bangla sms and Bengali can use as your Facebook status. STATS Facebook friends list will be attracted to your friend on Facebook and you'll like.
We hope you will enjoy this app. You'll love the bad things in our reviews. And yes of course if you like, share it with friends. If you find any mistakes please let us know, we'll have it fixed in the next update. Please mail us:



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Requires: Android2.3 or later


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