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Shoppi is a shopping list application that allows the user to create a shopping list and share them on WhatsApp with people from home and friends. Build a list of household items.
App options:
* Automatic sorting of the list according to categories, we will arrange the list of ingredients so that all the ingredients of the same kind will be one after the other, for example, meats, then vegetables, then fruits. This will allow you to buy the ingredients at the supermarket faster and fill your refrigerator at home.
* Quick search of groceries from the list of all ingredients in the system.
* Free text to feed ingredients, not need to choose from a list of existing things.
* Sophie remembers the things you buy for the home and offers them to you when you choose products from the list.
Within a minute, build a shopping list for a supermarket in 3 simple steps:
- Create a shopping list for a writer
- Add groceries
- Send the shopping list as a message to the family at Wattsap
You go goes to the supermarket every week but forgets what is missing in the refrigerator?
My shopping list allows for a convenient, simple, and quick construction of a list of daily and daily necessities. Fill the refrigerator with everything you need!
You can use the wraps to build a shopping list for your home that can contain: clothes, groceries, medical supplies. Next time at the supermarket you will be ready with an ordered list!
Download now and create a shopping list for the supermarket!



Version: 1.18

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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