أدعية وأذكار حصن المسلم

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Program includes prayers and Remembrance Fortress of the Muslim many supplications and prayers contained in the book Fortress of the Muslim and indispensable in our daily lives and in our dealings with people and so easy and simple way.
Among these Adhkaar: Morning and evening, Remembrance sleep, Remembrance waking up, a prayer Istikhaarah ...
Characteristic of our application Supplications Fortress of the Muslim is the ease of use just by choosing a section Edgard Edgard sleep Edgard morning or evening Duas variety Fortress of the Muslim moves
Directly to the rating assigned to each Remembrance Muslim it works automatically content is an advantage in most applications, but our application has been adopted on other feature in the show prayers.
And it contains:
Remembrance and prayers for the morning
Remembrance and prayers for the evening
Remembrance and prayers sleep
Citation for morning
Morning and evening
Remembrance sleep
Evening prayers
Fortress of the Muslim
adkar sabah
adkar assabah
adkar al muslim gratuit



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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