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We sincerely welcome you to visit the Naval Nursery.
Nurseries in the Navy established the Naval Fleet Command 2 and charging operations at the International University is a workplace nursery for infants and children 1 year ~ 3 years, only the military families living only child.
As the nursery deolgo parenting burden of parents founded to promote social participation and economic security of dual-income homes are comfortable like home during your stay and enjoyable places, childcare for infants and toddlers with reverence and love, and so grow a healthy mind and body.
Accordance with the eye level of the infants born with the heart that will study and try for chamgyoyuk. So nursery space, such as a warm hearted children grow breasts, another home, I always hope to be uteumkkot and future of hope blooming happy kkumteo wide.
Thank you.
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