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Fatwas Ramadan application provides answers to the most important questions of the fasting person, the most common:
What is the ruling of touch the hand of a girl during the day in Ramadan?
Rule wet dream jejunum
Expiation masturbation during Ramadan
Things which invalidate fasting
Things do not break
What is the adage supplication of the Prophet, peace be upon him at breakfast and at suhoor?
What is the ruling from eating or drinking during the day in fasting forgetting?
What is the ruling leftovers in the mouth, and gestures Siwak, gums and blood?
What is the ruling on using toothpaste fasting during Ramadan?
What is the ruling eye drops and ear?
Is it for the fasting person may use asthma sprays during the day in Ramadan?
What is the ruling the use of fragrance in Ramadan?
Whoever fasts in the country, and then traveled to another country, his family fasted before or after, what should he do?
Is it permissible for those who spend Orteurambassron B intention?
When ordered the boy to fast?
When should fast on the girl?
If incision fasting on breastfeeding women Does it may Fitr?
Rule gastronomic by women
Was not up her missed fasts of years
What is the ruling of deliberately inhale the smell of food he is fasting?
What is the ruling imams who follow in the beauty of their voices?
Rule of Matt and him spend days fasting of Ramadan
Authorized muezzin neighborhood mistake believing entry time, what people need to live?
Do you get credit for those who fasted for three of the six days of Shawwal with eggs and one structure?
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