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Marsil TV is one of the television channels in Ethiopia founded by Prophet Yonathan Aklilu. በነብይ ዮናታን አክሊሉ የተጀመረውን ማርሲል ቲቪ ቻናል በቀላሉ በስልክዎ ይመልከቱ::
This app lets you watch Marsil TV Ethiopia live stream on your phone. You can also watch previously released videos easily. You can also watch other Ethiopian Amharic television christian channels.
Prophet Yonathan Aklilu is mainly known for organizing the yearly youth conference know as Melkam Wetat (መልካም ወጣት).
Watch and stream Marsil TV Ethiopia.
Get access to previous channel videos
Get access to other christian television channels like Jesus TV, Marsil TV, Evangelical TV, Arara TV, Winners Way TV, 7 Spirits TV, Gospel TV, Holy Spirit TV, CJ TV, Bethel TV, Christ Army TV, Christ Mission TV, Prophet Israel Dansa, and other TV channels live stream and previous videos
Beautiful user interface.
Save videos and watch later.
Easy control and player.
Watch Marsil TV, enjoy and grow your spiritual life.
Stay Blessed!
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Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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