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News Summary: News reader of news from local, Arab and international variety of sources to read all the events and news from all political, economic and sporting variations ....
World News Now .. pulse of breaking news.
Here's the best application to follow the latest breaking news world moment by moment!
With the application (News Brief) keep abreast of the new arena Arabic (Yemen News - Saudi Arabia News - Syria News - Egypt News - Libya News - Iraq News - ...) The world of the most important global sources.
Features Application News Summary:
    - Easy to use and cool interface.
    - As well as the transfer of developments firsthand with the interface designed for the convenience of use speed.
    - Add news to favorite.
    - Read the details in the browser extension application without having to leave the application to read the rest of the story.
    - Review of the latest breaking news and share across multiple modes.
    - News Update automatically when you open the program.
    - Follow-up of the news source of choice.
Application combines several news sources, including:
   - Channel Russia Today.
   - BBC.
   - Al Jazeera
   - Sky News.
   - Google News.
   - 24 LaFrance.
   - Channel world.
   - Yemeni scene.
   - Newspaper of the Yemeni revolution.
   - Toss News.
   - Baraqish Net.
   - Saba News.
   - Marib Press.
   - March satellite channel.
   - Yemen's Press.
   - Press 24 Net.
   - Appointed Yemen news.
   - Press Conference.
   - Change Net.
   - Trustees Net.
   - News Yemen.
   - The happy Yemen.
   - Sahwa Net.
   - South News Network.
   - For News agency.
   - The Yemeni news agency Saba.
   - Yemeni newspaper Al Khobar.
   Amanat news site -.
   - Yemen Journal.
   - Yemen Live.
   - Yemen's Voice.
   - Ahakav day.
   - Opinion Press.
   - Ain today.
   - Sports Net.
   - Economy News.
   - Progressive media.
   - Socialist Net.
   - Net direction.
   - Net humans.
   - Securities Journal said.
   - Happy News Network.
   - Channel happy TV.
   - Suhail satellite channel.
   - Voice of Freedom Network.
   - Saada Online.
   - Echo Yemen.
   - Event newspaper.
   - Nation Online.
   - Bo Yemen news network.
   - Spectrum Network.
   - White news network.
   - Sama Press.
   - Tanks News.
   - Development Without Borders newspaper.
   - News of Aden.
   - Harvesting Yemen.
   - Hadramout news portal.
   - Today's Press.
   - Yemen Arab.
   - Site Post.
   - Newspaper track.
   - Yemen news portal.
   - Yemen today.
   - Flash citizen.
   - Door com.
   - Net Press.
   - Middle east.
   - News of time.
   - Flash already electronic.
   - Direction.
   - The newspaper continues.
   - Newspaper Al-Ahsa.
   - Newspaper around.
   - Newspaper outright.
   - Al-Balad newspaper.
This program contains the latest politics, sports and accidents, art, culture, technology, automotive and Economic News.
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Cover Syria's revolution, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon News.
News coverage of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen.
News coverage of Iraq, Jordan, Palestine News and Algeria, Morocco and the Arab Gulf News.
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Version: 1.0.7

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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