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Application place ,,,
The application of special and simple, works to save places frequented by to help you go to it whenever you want Basthaddam Google Maps.
This application is 100% free and will help you save you're capable of and previewed in order not to get lost again and get lost, apply the place is very convenient for those who do not know the deal with Google maps, such as the elderly and children.
The most important advantages of the application are:
1. simple and easy to use application ,,, it is 100% Arabic and easy to use, especially for those who can not deal with Google Maps.
2. lets you store your current location and the push of a button quickly, you will not need to open the map to save your place, all you need is the pressure to save your current location, and then give the name of this place only.
3 allows you to send your current location to friends quickly and the push of a button.
4. You can see the places previously stored and use Google maps to go there again, or preview this place on the map, or send this place is stored in advance to a friend via Facebook or Watts, father or any other way.
important notes :
- Must have Google Maps already installed to deal with all the application's features.
- The application needs to connect satellite GPS to determine where you are, and it needs to connect to the Internet to get to your place and save it as soon as possible.
- If you want to delete a store anywhere in advance, peered pressure on the place and you will appear deletion option.
- In case you have any trouble Taatrddo do not contact us via Allaimil below or write comments on the application.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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