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Mass spectrometry based compound identification app.
Search and access mzCloud, the most advanced mass spectral library that contains high resolution tandem mass spectra of thousands of metabolites, pharmaceuticals, environmental contaminants, natural products and other compound classes.
Spectrum of an unknown compound can be converted to a QR code, scanned using your smart phone and matched against high quality reference spectra in mzCloud. The hit list displays compounds sorted according to the three scoring algorithms of user choice. The differences between query and library spectra can also be previewed.
How to use mzCloud app?
• Open Library and tap a compound to preview its chemical structure, names, metadata and link to the particular mzCloud record.
• You can also scan a QR code of a spectrum generated by Spectra Teleporter, a software that can be downloaded from the mzCloud website
. The Spectra Teleporter takes spectra copied in Mass Frontier or Xcalibur, or spectra can be opened from any mzML file.
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Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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