okNote (text-to-speech notes)

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okNote allows you to capture and organize your ideas.
You may add words or phrases to the list and play it.
okNote lets you convert text to voice using the Text to Speech engine on your smartphone.
Make your smartphone say anything you want in many languages!
okNote is a very simple and easy to use notepad application: just add word or phrase to your list and tap on it.
Fast case-insensitive search!
You may archive or delete useless notes. Also you may restore deleted notes.
Share ideas with friends and family. Use colors to organize your notes!
Use okNote as educational app, to store your notes or just for fun :)
okNote supports the following languages:
Русский (Russian)
Deutsch (German)
Español (Spanish)
Français (French)
Italiano (Italian)
Português (Portuguese)
日本の (Japanese)
中國的 (Chinese)
NOTE: Your smartphone must have a Text To Speech engine for okNote to work. If it doesn't have it you can download it from Google Play.
Some languages may not work in your phone depending on your TTS Engine.



Version: 1.41

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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