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In Isaiah 43:21, God pleased to receive praise as you say, "I am the people that I may sing my praise Nani built for me." The praise is contained the infinite power.
Can find an example of this in the Bible, leaving the evil spirit when you play David harp, to praise Paul and Silas God in a deep prison, you can see that bound it escaped being jail door appears open history.
In particular, among the waking world that stained with sin as a Christian life today and in desperate need of holy saints praise above deulyiramyeon want, it will desire.
In the church, God's grace, God Himself gave them gyesipnida melody and lyrics also in the Holy Spirit deep impression since 2009 until now.
God when you sing our praise is the heart the love of God in the calm center, as well as the darkness come upon the back to go is resolved and blessings problems, joy and gratitude that such brimming full of hope of heaven, the New Jerusalem, God the Father and the Lord to be made known that a more loving heart.
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