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The company of "Tanais" was founded in 2007. Specializing in the production of natural drinking water. They named the company in honor of the Don River, which in ancient times was called Tanais.
The company and the well from which water is extracted, are located in a picturesque and ecologically clean area on the territory of Nizhnekundryuchenskoy natural conservation area. It is here, in the land of Don untouched nature, crystal clear moisture is converted into usable drinking water "Tanais".
The existing plant water filtration system, which is the final stage of microfiltration, preserves the natural chemical composition of water and its organoleptic properties unchanged natural structure. Each batch of product is tested by laboratory technologists, specialists, water samples are taken every hour. This ensures stable high quality and purity of products of JSC "Tanais".
According to a study of the Pyatigorsk Institute of Spa, clean, fresh water is a particularly "Tanais" is recommended for daily use, "it is useful to maintain the water balance of the human body. It has a neutral taste, which is very important for quenching thirst; suitable for cooking and improves the taste of coffee and tea. "
Bottling of natural drinking artesian water "Tanais" is made on the modern high-tech American equipment. Automatic filling system is designed for washing, sterilizing and sealing of drinking water in containers, thereby avoiding contact with the hands of staff.



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