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If alumni and anyone can use. (Catholic University College of Medicine alumni, Catholic University Medical College faculty). Radix, etc. You can also use a dedicated Alumni Website erp with each meeting specific application.
Key features
 1. You can use a home pc and smartphone apps that work together.
 2. Each alumni association under the rider etc. can also be used to create a separate application for each meeting. (+ Each rider Alumni Association + + regional group meetings). Each meeting generated by a separate application, the entire ID is a single ID to use.
 3. Administrators can manage each group member (Group by letter, email)
 4. The thread can send a push notification to select specific members or the entire group. (Free)
 5. When you register your pictures and articles taken from the Smart Home poneopeul also be registered simultaneously.
 5. You can survey and whether to attend the event on your smartphone, and view real-time voting results counted by even entry into the responder.
 6. Search for membership in the membership list, if you choose to view your photos and contacts and can be sent immediately to select phone or email. (Separate Member Handbook booklet unnecessary)
 7. If a member comes to accession alrimyi administrator administrator approval on the spot subscribers also will receive a notification immediately (from the Register, approval and use of real-time yirueojim).
 8. You can also be sent free of charge to all members special occasions letters (sms). (Marriages, obituaries)
Sejong University, School of Tourism, reunion
Publisher: Alumni organizations specialized applications, website developer solution ok alumni Co. syubik 02-499-9980



Version: 2.3.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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