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The dictionary definition of circumcision, "way, way, nature, principles, laws" means. Sunnah of the Prophet. worship the Prophet had always been done and leave without any reason are the lifestyles and behavior.
If the Prophet (SAW) in the example of the life stories, stories are anecdotal evidence, according to the application is complete you if you are looking Hadith. In our Prophet (PBUH) hadith life hundreds of examples, stories, find events occurred, tell your loved ones you can read, you can get yourself samples. Our Lord (SAV) was how to pray? How to react to events gave? How he did treat their counterparts? How is the love of his companions? Etc. Hadith where you can find hundreds of tens to hundreds of questions and answers, stories are waiting for you in our application. Easily prepared menus to reach many characteristic features such as the ability to enlarge or reduce font is available in our application. Also Quran, Elif Ba, Quran Learning, amulet, Prayer Sure, Prayers, Prayer teacher, the Prophet our (SAV) blessings on, greetings and Salavat, Daily Prayers, you can find dozens of religious practice we also links such as dream interpretation.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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