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Free apps "plans" or install on your smartphone or tablet computer to the website, "plans» ( referred to in a blink of Iran and the world's top films and TV series access. The "plans" to play along with their favorite movies and series just physical but watch the price is much cheaper.
Plan to watch quickly and easily display a variety of home networking products, ranging from movies and TV shows, animation, theater, provide a higher quality than DVD is for you. Meanwhile, in addition to watching online, can your product with different qualities, even Full-HD, download both do.
And the latest good news is that every purchase you valuable points for the Great Qrhkshyhay "plans" to be.
Living with "plans» vs live without "plans"
1. "plans" Show home on the same day distribution of products is available. No "plans" must wait until you reach the desired product to the neighborhood or city.
2. "plans" to your product you have Full-HD quality. No "plans" DVD quality is the highest quality that will be available to you.
3. "plans" Day products at prices much cheaper than the physical market to be prepared, even if the volume is to add it to your Internet consumption.
4. "plans" do not need to provide your product to be incurred facing urban comings and goings.
5. "plans" at any time can access the products you want. No "plans" may not be on the market the products you want and you do not Thyhash.
6. "plans" per view movies and series is your chance to grab more and more great prizes. No "plans" Watch movies, TV series brought to you not get another chance.
How the "plans" we use?
To use the service "plans" is enough to have an active mobile Internet service and a phone line. Sign up and join the "plan" is very simple and quickly done: enter your phone number in a short time is a verification code text for you. Enter the code and to collect millions of users, "plans" join.
For watching movies and TV shows you different ways:
1. You can buy up to 10 times the amount Fylmkart purchase and download movies and TV pictures.
2. You can use your bank card (via port acceleration) for use Tkfylm.
3. You can only pay by bank account without the need to recharge their SIM cards to buy your favorite Fylmkart or mono.



Version: 1.1.9

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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