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Need to do a tire repair? Fixing tires? Need to do wheel size comparison?
Or you are buying new wheel set and you want to find out if your desired rim and tire size matches your car?

– the ultimate wheel measurement tyre size calculator helps you compare wheel sets with instant visual feedback to ensure the prefect fitment. With our advanced wheel size volume calculator, and pneumatic tyre size comparison tool, you are sure to make the fitment & the wheel measurement a stress-free process!


- Compare two sets of wheels with all tire and rim specs.

- Store and load your wheel configurations to build your personal database.

- Suggests the closest matching tire based on the selected rim size.

- Takes spacers into account.

- Supports metric and imperial units. 

- Calculates speed error and allows you to set upper and lower limits – the most precise way to measure rims & measure tires.

- Outputs the change in clearance compared to your reference wheel.

- Send an e-mail with your configuration to yourself, a friend or a dealer.

- Search for matching wheels, tires, rims or spacers online. The easy way to shop tires, rims and wheels online!

- No account or online connection required to use the app or manage your wheel sets.

- No ads, no in-app-payments.
No more complications, lack of details or inaccurate measurements and size comparisons.
Download the perfect wheel measurement calculator and make your tire, rims or wheel shopping or repair a stress-free process!



Version: 1.0.24

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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