भारत-पाक युद्ध Assassination - Commando Mission

4.6 (18)

Action | 42.6MB


Want to become the best army commando bravo shooter? This game lets you develop the sets of skills required to become the fps combat commando shooter. The sniper enemy invasion has been taken place in the elite sniper city. The fps shooting soldier is given a task for the counter attack. The army silent killer is ready for the combat shooting strike. Don’t let the sniper enemy take control on the army shooting war zone. Deadly and disastrous environments let you feel the hype and adrenaline pumping from your heart.
Every level of the game requires different planning procedures and strategies. The military commando shooting let you allow the destruction of the enemy base camps. With your elite commando survival squad you have to finish the terrorists’ camps. Also sneak behind enemy lines to prepare for combat revenge attack. The enemies are loaded with ammunition and heavy missiles. They also have apache gunship helicopter. Don’t consider your terrorist sniper enemy weaker than you. Use your AK 47 rifles wisely and destroy the enemy tanks with bazooka. The commando revenge war mission has been started. Destroy all the tanks of the enemy with RPG 7 and use grenade for long battle.
User friendly controls let you swap from primary weapon to secondary weapon for sudden close quarter elite commando fight. This is not only a shooting game commando survival but a series of army missions. Make every impossible sharp shooter mission a possible one and get promoted to the next rank. This military soldier game is basically the race towards the highest rank and to end this war which was started by the enemies.
Don’t let the thunder storm stops your commando survival missions. The shooting shoot down mission has started by the enemy. Destroy the marksman camps and arrest the army elite killers. The bravo shooter is a one man army so you alone has to destroy all the camps.
Use every kind of weapon available in the game including snipers, rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenade launchers etc and some deadly vehicles like tanks, trucks with machine guns mounted on them etc. The enemies has some different weapons which you can get by killing them and then picking the guns up. There are ammo crates at different place so that if you run out of ammunition then you can fill it up from there.
Make an army commando sniper Squad and fight for the safety of your country. Invade the areas from the enemies and make your way towards victory and prove yourself to be the ultimate military sniper shooter. Drive vehicles, shoot enemies, drop from rescue helicopters and elite black commando mission to do for the country.
Best 3D shooter game
Exciting regions
Huge range of weapons
Insane bullet physics



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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