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With Army, everyone probably wishes one time to talk to V taehyung or be messaged by Jimin. And with this app, everything is not only a wish! Although BTS collection is diverse, but extremely flawed if it does not have a BTS Messenger , and this app will give you!
Some app about BTS such as Wallpapers, Stickers, Quiz,lock screen...are really interesting, but these are one - way interaction from you to your Bias, but now, you can chat with your bias everywhere, every time. You can be received texts from all of BTS members. (Rm, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V or Suga), it is fascinating that we can have personal conversations with our bias. They always devote personal emotions to us - Army. Imagine that every morning, you will hear these great songs from BTS music, or watching you with BTS Wallpaper, and finally Chat with BTS Members through the system Messenger full of cute and smart app, nothing is more wonderful than that right Army?
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(V taehyung)
Text & Messenger & Emoji Kpop
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How can this app help you fall in love forever with BTS Members?
Simple and friendly interface
Cute and elegant wallpapers
The unique Vietnamese version for Army
Very cute & smart responses from BTS Members
Category Features:
BTS Messenger 2
BTS Talk
This app will be like a BTS game that help you to relax and grow the love with BTS members (V taehyung) more. Do this app right now, enjoy and love Oppa more and more, Army!

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What's New BTS Messenger V

BTS Messenger 2019
V Kim Tae-hyung



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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