Pathfinder Scanner Camera Pro Simulator

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Pathfinder Scanner Camera Pro Simulator
Ranger Scanner Camera Pro Simulator is a unique scanner capable of jokingly detecting traces of people and animals now in your phone!
You have the opportunity to joke to monitor the movements of people and animals around you.
In jest in the footsteps find your pet!
In a joke, track down friends and family!
Arrange not forgotten draws, charging with a good mood.
Earn experience points and gain access to new, even more accurate devices.
Open additional visual effects.
For best results, assemble the entire collection of instruments.
Turn your smartphone into a unique gadget to find tracks!
Feel yourself a tracker!
To maximize the plausibility of the application involved in the camera, which makes it possible to joke in real time to track people and animals.
Surprise your friends with the new ability of your device.
Start shadowing right now!
Attention! This application is extremely comic!
All scan results are not real.
Share your comments and ratings!
Have fun with us!



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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