The Phantom of The Elms Wood: Your Story Game Love

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An interactive story game for teens from The Interactions Apps Studio: Presenting the most thrilling role-playing game and addictive real-life simulation!
An interactive thriller is full of plot twists including multiple love affairs, secrets, dangers, mystery, romance, heartbreak, betrayal and drama to get you hooked onto this new teen game for girls. In this mystery, romance-thriller make life choices wisely to move forward with your life story while living in Elmsville Town.
Interactive Choices Game - Choose your Love Story:
You are a teenager living with your Father in a town where nobody is what they appear to be, but you have not figured it out yet. On one unfortunate night, you happen to witness something brutal and inexplicable making you question this town's true story. A teen choices game where keeping secrets so you could move on with your life will not come easy, and one such buried secret will come haunting to threat your future life and love relations later.
This interactive story app is all about your life choices, romance, mystery, betrayal, secret love affairs, dating, and a lot more.
The Phantom of the Elm Woods - Choose Your Story Game:
A romantic dating game for teens.
Teen choices game: A drama story game of the Phantom of Elmsville.
A story about romance, sacrifice, and secret love affairs.
Customize your character in a free love story game.
Customize your avatar with cool dresses collection in this role-playing game.
Choose a hairstyle of your like in a teen story game.
Make life changing choices in this interactive story app.
Choose who will have your heart in this romance-thriller.
Unfold the mystery by unmasking the culprit & find your true love.
Enjoy love & passion in this interactive story game for girls.
Impressive graphics, beautiful characters & interactive game-play.
SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Russian.
If you are into playing real-life simulation & role-playing games, then download this romance-thriller story game and hooked on a life where the town you live has some dark hidden secrets all the while discovering your true love story. Make the right choices in this role-playing game and unveil hidden secrets but remember some secrets should remain buried for they might be a good enough reason to kill or get killed.
Get hooked on to this amazing interactive story app - The Phantom of The Elm Woods - A teen choices game where your right decisions influence your real love story.



Version: 2.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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