Unknown Survivor! Pixel Royale Battleground.

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Welcome to the brand new chapter of battle royale games this time with epicness of Unknown Survivor! Pixel Royale Battleground .
Pixel’s Royale Battleground: Unknown Survivor! is the crazy battle arena where action takes place in a dying world with unknown creatures called pixels and the battleground is memorized as pixels unknown battle and hero is unknown survivor!. Real pixel’s battle has just started! you have chances of survival!
Be the last survivor of this crazy battle arena after apocalypse of dot world.
Go ahead explore vast map, hide into dugouts and build lodging to ambush from foes. Jump into the battlelands, shoot your enemies and loot their worthy belongings. Shoot fiercely! Use AK mini-gun, sniper guns, pixel guns, smgs, pistols, and many more rifles to kill your enemies. Every kill boosts you a special reward which makes you a giant to rule the battlefield.
Step into this dead island. Fight till the end of pixel’s deathmatch of 3D shooter. Get ready to fight and be the last pixel man of this survival game. You have shortage of time. Be the last pixel hero. You can be killed in just a single shot. Dead zone moves reckless and can eat you within a second. Strategize your battle arena mission and use epic war tactics. Be the actual hero of pixel shooter game.
--Battle Royale Game Mode
Scenario of game takes place in battle royale mode where everything is destructible. Creative shooting arena with best blocky tactics.
--Shooting Tactics
Pixels military forces and civilians both can use shooting skills in advance mode with pixel fury shooting tactics to win pixel’s battle royale.
--Interesting Graphics
Pixels graphics scenes like never before, Pixels battle combat vehicles, trees, helis, town, and even vast pixel world. Hide yourself form dead zone! Be the best pixel shooter.
--Inventive Gameplay
Start the ultimate battle royale game and build your way towards victory. Huge map, fast-paced war actions, shooting tactics, simple controls and destructible environment all are waiting for you. Loot legendary stuff, shoot enemies and gather craft covers. Use weapon artillery and make it to the top of lands of battle!
--Epic Heroes
Pixels blocky heroes skin look like 3d blocky survival games. Enjoy Pixel Heroes of royale arena
Enjoy pixel weapons like AK, miniguns, snipers, assaults, smgs, pistols, rocket launchers and many more. Enhance your shooting skills and figure out either you or your enemy will die in this shooting game of pixel combat.
--Massive Map size
Huge map surrounded by mountains and deadzone for direction of player with radiation where you can survive while you are playing in this pixel battleground.
The best survival game Unknown Survivor! Pixel Royale Battleground! will never let you get bore so enjoy the best shooting game of pixel world.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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