Blokkit for mcpe - animal mods

Blokkit for mcpe - animal mods

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Entertainment | 10.7MB | Update: 2020-09-18 | Version: 1.200 | Requires: Android 4.2 or later

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Disclaimer: this app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang!
Blokkit for mcpe adds live blocks to the game that look very cute and You can tame them! Blokkit mod for minecraft is able to protect the owner from various threats. These addons are very simple minecraft mods, but in the future it will have more features.
If you are attacked by a hostile mob, the blokkit mod will always be there to protect you. You can have as many of them as you like, and their attractiveness makes them great mods for minecraft.
How does it work?
A blokkit mod for mcpe replaces villagers. You can find them in the villages, of course. You can also use the resident spawn egg to create blokkit mods for minecraft.
However, do not be led to their cute appearance! These mods for mcpe are actually cold-blooded warriors who will try to destroy you if You get too close to them.
You can tame adults blokkit by feeding them an apple or a golden apple. Taming can take several attempts. To do this, long tap on the mob, click on the Tame button, holding an apple in your hand. Hearts indicate that everything has succeeded in animal mods.
If you find a small blokkit mod, then feed it an apple to speed up its growth. But remember that the blokkit babies are also hostile!
If you successfully tame this mob in the blokkit mods for mcpe, it will automatically follow You and protect you from other hostile mobs.
Blokkit mods for minecraft will follow you and attack any mobs that you attack or that attack you. Once it has reached level 5, you can use the golden apple to develop your blokkit mods. As the blokkit mcpe mod develops, it will get size, strength, and health.

What's new

Install blokkit mods for minecraft. New version of blokkit for mcpe is live!