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Description of Instant Buttons: The Best Soundboard App

Instant Buttons is a unique soundboard collection for your mobile phone. This application will offer you many fun sound effects. You can use them at any time!
There are up to 400 different effects sounds! From the most famous memes of the social networks to the dialogues of your favourite series, through mythical video game sounds or funny sounds like laughs. Instant Buttons classifies your funny sounds into different categories: games, movies and series, sound effects, children, sports, Internet, humor and music app. Find your preferred sound effect apps and save it in your favorites tab. Surprise your friends and family with the most original and innovative sound effects on the Internet. Sounds of applause, meme, noise, voice, romantics, mythical movie soundtracks, etc.
Are you a fan of anime games? Instant Buttons offers you the best soundboard effects from games, series and anime movies you can find. Share with your friends the most recognizable sounds in the anime world at the touch of a button.
Children also have their category in this application. Instant Buttons has almost 100 buttons If your thing is the movies and series in this red button you will find all the mythical soundboard of classic cinema movies up to the latest series.
With sounds effects for your kids! Children's songs, cartoon phrases, funny sounds, noise, voice, etc.
The sport has a multitude of characteristic sounds. From the anthems of the teams in the soccer stadiums to personalized songs for the soccer players. Without forgetting the sounds that famous soccer players have made in the celebrations. Instant Buttons offers the most fun sound effects in the sports world.
Without a doubt, the Internet and memes have opened us to a world full of fun videos and soundboard to share on the networks. In this application, the most famous sounds from the networks and memes that circulate virally on the Internet could not be missing.
Humor is another of the categories that could not be missing in this sound effects app. Instant Buttons, the best noise maker, has more than 100 buttons dedicated to humor with very funny sounds so that all your contacts will laugh when they receive them. You can change the sound of your mobile call for a funny sound that you have previously downloaded from this application. Or give a scare with a scream sound to joke in a chat with friends!
Music app could not be missing in a sound effects app as complete as Instant Buttons, the best sound maker. Instant Buttons has a category dedicated to sound effects related to the world of music. The latest songs on the music scene, stanzas and choruses that have become famous for commercials or that are part of the funniest memes of the moment.
Stop searching and download Instant Buttons, the best sound maker and sound effects app for your mobile. If you are thinking of any sound, Instant Buttons includes it. Go to their search engine, enter the keywords and in one click you will have the sound you wanted.
In addition, Instant Buttons offers you the possibility to add your own buttons with custom sound effects app. Record your sound, upload it to the application and be part of this great gallery of fun sounds. You can also create new sounds and use them whenever you want. Share laughs with your contacts using the most amazing, punch and funny sound effects!
Instant Buttons offers an auto-renewing subscription options:
$39,99 per year.
• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered.
• Subscriptions are billed annually on the subscription plan
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    Instant Buttons 1.0.7
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    Bad business, this app would suck if it wasn't for all the people who created great button sounds on this app. Now that the app has allot of great sounds, they want to take that and make a killing off of it. I can understand if it was affordable. 45 bucks for an app. Some needs to make a similar app maybe charge 2 or 3 bucks.
    2020-10-15 03:03
  • avatar
    Makes you pay for a subscription that is so much. $40 can get me so much more than a couple of buttons I would use to meme around with my friends. There is no way you can justify a $40 pricetag yearly
    2020-10-14 10:51
  • avatar
    Paywall and using people's content for money. The company has made this app unusable unless you pay a yearly fee. This is bad because the developer is using people's content that they spent time and effort on, and using it to make money without their permission. Long gone the old days where the app was still free to use. Leaving one star until I figure out the paywall has been removed.
    2020-10-12 12:47
  • avatar
    This used to be a good app before you HAVE to pay to use it unistalled it cause i aint paying over 40 bucks a year for sound buttons it used to be so good but now i have to say goodbye to an old friend.
    2020-10-07 07:38
  • avatar
    Why! I don't understand why this is a thing now... Why do u have to pay to use the app... It's not worth paying for a app that makes sounds while u press buttons....this is gonna be the app's downfall.. It even shows its free in the playstore.. But u can't use it unless u pay
    2020-10-01 02:07
  • avatar
    If I could give no stars I would because I'm so disapointed. I've loved this app for as long as I can remember. It used to be the best thing ever. This was the worse move ever by them to make you pay to use it, let alone to have to pay frickin $44.99 a year for it! What the heck were you guys thinking!? So sad to have to delete this app after being a loyal fan for 7 years!:(((
    2020-09-28 09:57