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2.9.3 for Android
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Description of LectureNotes (Trial Version)

LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus.
It has been designed while having a user at university (or at school) in mind, for instance a lecturer who is using it for preparing her/his lecture or even for actual teaching (by writing on the device and projecting the screen content for the audience) or a student who is using it for taking handwritten notes during a lecture. However, it has found many users outside university, for instance businesspersons who use it for business notes and sales presentations or artists who use it to create sketches and drawings.
Its major target devices are tablets with Android 3.0 or later. The basic functionality works on all devices with Android 3.0 or later, but some which are hardware-dependent such as pressure sensitivity might not.
This is the free trial version, in which the number of notebooks is constrained to two, with no more than eight pages per notebook.
User feedback:
We would love to hear from you, please send feedback and feature requests to us by email. If you encounter a problem with the app, please email us and we will do our very best to fix it quickly.
Major features:
* requires only minimal permissions and no internet connection (we do respect your privacy!)
* allows multiple pages to be simultaneously visible on the screen (i.e. continuous page view)
* allows smooth writing, typing, scrolling, and zooming
Additional features:
* multiple layers in notebook pages
* image and image set import into notebook (including image import directly from camera)
* single- and multi-page PDF import (requires PDFView to be installed)
* notebook export as compressed PDF
* notebook export to Evernote (requires Evernote app to be installed)
* notebook export to OneNote (requires OneNote app to be installed)
* audio recording and replay (requires LectureRecordings to be installed)
* video recording and replay (requires LectureVideos to be installed)
* presentations (requires LecturePresentations to be installed)
* sharing and import of notebook pages
* keyword attachment to notebook pages and automatic indexing
* insertion, deletion, and rearrangement of notebook pages
* sharing and import of notebooks
* organization of notebooks in folders
* backup and restore of notebooks board
See the help page
for more details.
Possible issue:
For certain functionality, the app requires other apps to be installed: Notebook and folder import, notebooks board restore, and image set import require a file manager app to be installed; image import directly from camera requires a camera app to be installed; PDF import requires a file manager app and PDFView to be installed; export to Evernote requires the Evernote app to be installed; export to OneNote requires the OneNote app to be installed.

What's New with LectureNotes (Trial Version) 2.9.3

* several minor improvements
* distortion of cut, copied, and imported material added
* grid cut, copy, and paste added
* optional icons instead of text for some menu items
* pencil toolbox improved
* input zone improved
* notebooks and folders made accessible via link
* more time stamp variants for notebook and folder name, for the text layer, for the text drawing tool, and as keyword added
* quick overview added
* optional input prediction added
* settings made searchable


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    LectureNotes (Trial Version) 2.8.16
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    Cutter tool is very intuitive, but is limited by choice of free hand and rectangle shapes only. Please add more shapes to cutter tool i.e. All shapes should be included. Also more shapes should be added in drawing tool. Also give more text, diary tools e.g. Bookmark. Tables, graphs, shapes etc should be given as objects which are selectable later by single click and their properties editable. I am waiting for all these things to buy this software.
    2020-10-09 05:04
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    Excellent and capable s/w. Essential for teaching/lecturing and note making.
    2020-10-07 11:50
  • avatar
    Studders, lag, not smooth writing experience I love the customizability, but it doesn't get the core feature right, at least on new Samsung devices with 120hz display. The writing input is far inferior to apps like Samsung notes , scrolling is laggy / not smooth :(
    2020-09-13 05:35
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    I like this app, but as some of the reviews have stated it is not very user friendly. I have tried a lot of apps but this one is the most customizable. I would like to add a note for the developer one big turn off of the app is that when I zoom In to write or read my note my handwriting is pixelated and doesn't a real life look to it, this is the only problem I have with and the reason I have uninstalled it, I share my notes with others and would like it to look as real as possible.
    2020-09-01 12:02
  • avatar
    The app has potential but it's SO outdated. Not good for 2020 standards. Things like designs, not a dedicated pen mode, bad palm rejection, doesn't support button actions for the s-pen, so the app isn't as good as it could. This app needs an urgent update that makes it suitable for this year.
    2020-06-29 03:59
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    Overall experience is good. I would like to suggest one or two recommendations. While using pen only mode, please make some way to disable the notification bar/area completely. Page navigation need to be more accessible. Please add options for video input too.
    2020-06-21 10:42