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Productivity | 1.3MB | Update: 2019-02-03 | Version: 2.12.0-dirty | Requires: Android4.0 or later

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Web2PDF is the android way to convert web pages to pdf files. It lets you convert a web page to pdf file by using the unique "share" feature of android platform. Unfortunately website needs to be login is not supported.
For 4.0 or newer devices, system download manager will be used to download the pdf file.
Otherwise for older devices, once pdf conversion is completed, system browser will be opened to download the pdf. The saved file may be different across different devices. For example, using the stock browser with nexus one, the pdf file will be downloaded such as /sdcard/download/www.nytimes.com.pdf
Supported devices: 4.0+
Tags: pdf, pdfmyurl, app2sd
Twitter: @warenix
Christian Rod. Gut. Per. Ase. - Spanish & Latin Spanish translations
* 22 AUG 2017 Switched backend to openshift. Service should be back to normal. *
* 3 AUG 2017 Arukas.io is terminating... I'll need to seek for another hosting. Meanwhile pdf conversion service will not be functioning *
* 4 JUN 2016 Translation helper needed! Please send me an email if you would like to help*
* 5 MAY 2016 v2.7 is the best ever built with a new host http://arukas.io/ plus all bug fixes. *
* 14 FEB 2016 sailabove is down! Again,I need to find a better free server hosting... I may need to consider changing to freemium model if I decide to host it myself...*
* V2.4 is released! 27 DEC 2015. Server is migrated from openshift to sailabove. It should support Japanese, Chinese and other languages *
* IMPORTANT: 12 DEC 2015 Openshift seems not stable recently. Planning to migrate to a new server hosting this week. Meahwhile W2b2PDF may not function well...*
* V2.0 is released! 9 MAR 2014 *
As the note on 16 FEB 2014, pdfmyrul is no longer a sufficient service provider in terms of free features. I am now hosting my pdf generation server after spending some time on researching. As a benefit of it, all generated pdf will not have a bottom banner text!
* IMPORTANT: 16 FEB 2014. http://pdfmyurl.com/plans has updated to only allow licensed caller to add options to pdf generation. That means Web2PDF currently generate pdf other than default landscape and A4 sized no matter what options you supplied. I'm looking for other pdf generation service shortly. *

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