Эзотерика. Йога. Психология

Эзотерика. Йога. Психология

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Esoterica ( "esoterikos" - internal) - secret, hidden knowledge. These knowledge have great wisdom, help to know themselves and the world, the entire universe. For centuries, these wise knowledge was transmitted orally. It was only after many years they have been recorded.
Directions esotericism in our application:
- Astrology
- Ayurveda
- Veda
- Divination (Tarot, Runes, etc.)
- Yoga
- Magic
- Mystic
- Knowledge of the Great Shift
- Nontraditional. medicine (Reiki, Qigong, Aromatherapy)
- Numerology
- Lucid Dreaming, Astral
- Psychology
- Rodnovers, Anastasiytsy
- The Power of Creativity
- Traditional Religions
- Feng Shui
- Phytotherapy
- Palmistry
- Psychic
- Energy medicine (Cosmoenergetics, Bioenergy)
Learn more about what spirituality
The term "Esoteric" came into use after World War II. Prior to this, it used the term occultism, which is synonymous with the term Esoteric. Occult and Esoteric - view of the world based on what is hidden and unexplored requires special attention and study. Esoteric - a large number of areas that are engaged in studying the hidden laws of the universe and of human functioning and vzaimozavismosti.
According to the Esoteric theory of the universe exists on a single law and everything in it are interdependent. Acting in this world, a man has an impact on the surrounding area, all over the world. In addition to the gross, physical actions of man on the world also affect human emotions and thoughts that have a large amount of energy and information. The Universe always responds to human action, working on his fate and his changing life circumstances.
Esoterica gives you the opportunity to see the truth: as long as people are in the dark, unaware of the universal law, they will not respect the Earth, human laws. Violation of the laws will always lead to the fact that we are seeing now on our planet, namely, disease, famine and war. The study of the Esoteric helps find harmony with itself and with the world, with the whole universe.
In our application, you will:
- Get practical skills in the fields of psychology and spirituality;
- To increase erudition in matters of history and philosophy
- Learn a lot from the life of different cultural layers.
What are the benefits of yoga?
The ultimate goal of yoga classes for each person is especially individual: from improved physical health and weight control, figure, posture to master a variety of mental states, and mind, which can be described as the attainment of a deep harmony, joy, peace.
Practicing yoga can count on:
- Improvement of physical and emotional health, relief from physical ailments and diseases,
- The acquisition of control over negative emotions, to get rid of depression, phobias, depression and apathy, insomnia
- Strengthening the immune system
- Flexibility of the development, plasticity
- Getting rid of bad habits: smoking, traction to alcohol, addiction to junk food,
- General improvement in mood and psycho-emotional background,
- The development of intuition
- The acquisition of self-confidence, willpower training, character and leadership qualities
All materials used in the application are taken from the group VKontakte https://vk.com/ezotericamir
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