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Discover apps for Android here, 20,000+ users downloaded Прихожане.ру latest version on 9Apps for free every week! You can find this multifunction app on 9Apps easily. This hot app was released on 2016-09-04. To know more information, read the paragraph below.
1. Aims and objectives of the Orthodox portal "parishioners."
Orthodox youth portal "congregation" was created as an information platform for personal interaction, discussion on religion and belief, educational function, the exchange of experiences of Orthodox life.
2. General issues of the portal.
2.1. Portal is a private resource.
2.2. Violation of the laws of the Russian Federation is not allowed.
2.3.Operativnoe portal management on the basis of these rules, moderators designated portal administration.
2.4.Vse questions work administrators and moderators can only be solved in a personal correspondence with the moderator admin staff (AMC)
2.5. Opinions of the resource owner may not coincide with the opinion of visitors to the portal. For your posts their authors are only responsible person.
2.6. Portal administration is doing everything possible to save the personal information of registered users, but can not guarantee the complete safety of this information.
During the force majeure the administration does not bear responsibility.
2.7. Admin Solutions portal is not discussed.
3. The portal is prohibited:
3.1. Allow disrespectful attitude towards Orthodoxy and the Orthodox Church, its shrines, saints and its servants.
3.2. Promote extremism, misanthropic theory, Nazism, anarchist ideas, calls for the overthrow of the state and social system, provide links to relevant resources.
3.3. Promote heterodoxy, heresy, pagan sects and cults, agnosticism, atheism, non-traditional sexual relations, post links to relevant information resources
3.4. Insulting participants in the forum, "to get personal," provoke conflicts between participants (trolling), use abusive language, cursing.
3.5. Excessive use of messaging is the stated topic (off-top), flood, flame,, overkvotingom.
(Flood (English flood - the flood) - meaningless messages unreasonably short, uninformative messages ( 'Gee, LOL!'), Messages consisting only of emoticons, several consecutive messages.
Fleim (English flame - the flame) - messages aggressive, insults, provocations messages perebanka (even with the censorship of words).
Offtopic (from the English off - out and topic - the topic) - messages not corresponding to the stated theme.
Overkvoting (English over - over and quote - quote) - the abuse of function 'Reply with quote', the use of the report for more than two levels of quote in the quote).
3.6. Excessive use of links does not correspond to the subject of the forum.
3.7. Excessive use of jargon (allowed certain words and expressions for the transmission of emotions and a better understanding of the thoughts interlocutor)
3.8. Post pictures, messages that offend the feelings of believers and public morals
3.9. Use in the offensive, satanic, provocative, sectarian, etc. Nicky negative connotation.
3.10. Publicly discuss the actions of moderators and administrators.
3.11. Adding "Friend" administrators and moderators of the portal without their knowledge and consent.
3.12. Create multiple accounts of one party, to conduct "conversations" on the air on behalf of these accounts (cloning)
3.13. Placing advertisements and links related to commercial activity, billing information without the consent of the AMC portal.
3.14. Indicate in their accounts data, contrary to the rules.
3.15. Remove and correct your posts referenced by AMC.
3.16 Publishing distorted i_ili untrue data.
3.17 Publishing personal correspondence to registered users of the site.
3.18 To participate in the notes entities that violate site rules ( "clones" and "trolls"), as well as to conduct personal correspondence with these persons.


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